aXSL: Release Mechanics


This page is a checklist of things that should be done for each code release.


  1. Make sure the build works with all interested implementations.
  2. Make any changes to the documentation that are needed to reflect the new release, but don't update the web site yet.
  3. Update the release notes, but don't update the web site yet.
  4. Make sure svn:keywords is set to "Author Date Id Revision"
  5. Set the build script parameter "version" to the correct value.
  6. Lock the repository or at least make a note of the repository revision number which should be tagged.


  1. In addition to releasing the build through sourceforge, we now make aXSL modules available through the Maven Central repository, using the Sonatype OSS Maven Repository as the staging and deployment mechanism.
  2. Run the "distribution" target of the build script. The distributable output should be in build/ant/distribution.
  3. Make sure the output contains a file "axsl-[version]" where "[version]" is the release version number. Make sure this file contains the following:
    • a "readme.txt" file in the root directory
    • a "src/java/axsl-[version]" file from the root directory
    • a "lib" directory whose contents include the following:
      • the built jar file: axsl-[version].jar
      • the built dev jar file: axsl-dev-[version].jar
      • the contents of the lib directory
      • the axsl license file
    • a "javadoc-api" directory containing the entire javadoc build.


  1. Tag the repository. The general form of the copy is: Copy From: Copy To:
  2. Unlock the repository, if it was locked above.
  3. Upload distribution file to sourceforge.
  4. Update the web site from the repository content.
  5. Set the build file property "version" to the next level, appended with "-dev".
  6. Verify that the maven artifacts are available at the central repository (The Sonatype servers synchronize to maven central hourly. The maven central index is updated each Saturday morning.)
  7. Post the distribution javadocs to the web site.
  8. Announce the release at:
    1. Send an email to the maintainer of the W3C XSL page.
    2. the axsl-user mailing list
    3. Add "News" item to the SourceForge system announcing the release.
    4. Consider adding "News" item to the project home page.